5 innovative ideas for proposing girl for wedding

Proposing you sweetie for wedding is a tough task; some men may feel goose bumps the moment they think about it even though they might be in a relationship for a long time. The distance that they need to travel from heart to a wedding invitation card seems to be a long one. Everyman wants to pop up the questions “Will you marry me” in a unique way to his girl. Here are 5 innovative ideas for proposing your girl for marriage.


1 Restaurant:

Reserve seats in her favorite restaurant and also ask a pianist to be present at the place. Place order for some mouthwatering delicacies. The waiter will deliver the order along with the wedding ring hidden beneath a wrap that you have already given to him. Make sure that the box in open and is surrounded by rose petals. The moment the cover is taken out pop the question.


2 Boat Ride:

Go on a romantic boat ride; stop as soon as you are far away from the shore. Act like you have been stranded in an island. Tell her that no ship is ever going to pass from here, so let us make this a home and start a life together and have a family then slowly move closer to her and ask romantically “Will U marry me?

3 First time meeting point:


The place that couples first time meet is of significant importance in their life. Almost 99% percent remembers how and when they meet, so take your sweetheart to the place of your first meeting. Tell her let us enact the sequence of our first meeting to revive the memories. When you are towards the end, go down on the knees, hold her hand, kiss it and pop the question.

4 Watch sunset:

Ask your girl friend to come on a drive. You have two options one is a beach while the second is top of a hill. Play some romantic number and have some sweet talk. Once you have reached the spot ask her to come out to see the sunset together. Make her sit on the bonnet of the car, when the sun is setting take out the beautiful ring and ask her the question. Well don’t you think there cannot be better way of proposing?

5 Going out on the knee:


This is the age old approach of melting the heart followed by lovers from ages. The amazing thing about it is that with time nothing has changed about it. Its magic remains intact. The place for this can be anything her office, college, in front of family and friends. If you don’t know how to go with the proposal then simply follow these steps, – slowly go down on your knees, tell her your feelings, then ask her to marry you! Of course the answer is going to be “yes”.
Follow any of these tips to make your honey say “yes” to walk down aisle. Remember to get a customized wedding invitation card with some beautiful lines written on it for the marriage.

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